What are the Benefits of Green Tea?

Origin and Discovery of Green Tea

Green tea leaves are obtained from a plant known as Camellia sinesis. This herbal tea is recommended by doctors and physicians for various purposes. If consumed as part of the normal diet, numerous benefits of green tea can be experienced. The Chinese were the first to have discovered the use of green tea for health purposes. They made use of this herb to treat various kinds of health problems, ranging from minor ailments, such as headache, to more serious problems like heart attacks. Due to the innumerable benefits of green tea, the Chinese have been consuming it since 4000 years. It might, therefore, intrigue you, making you want to find out what are the benefits of green tea.

In the recent years, there has been considerable research and focus on finding out just how far the benefits of green tea go. The Western nations, as well as some Asian countries, are spending a lot of money on this research. According to the Journal of National Cancer Institute, green tea reduced the risk of suffering from esophageal cancer among the Chinese in 1994. This was among the first studies conducted on the green tea leaves. The other nations soon followed lead, and today, a great deal of research is being carried out to find out what are the benefits of green tea, particularly for cancer patients, heart diseases and other health problems. It has been proven that green tea keeps the cholesterol balance of the body in check, minimizing the risk of heart diseases. It also keeps all the organs of the body healthy, maintaining their proper functioning.

The following are some of the well known health problems proven to have been overcome by the benefits of green tea.

-      Cancer

-      Arthritis

-      Cholesterol

-      Cardiovascular problems

-      Infections

-      Impaired or malfunctioning organs

Components making green tea an effective cure

The basic compounds making green tea extremely effective for curing a number of ailments are catechin polyphenols, more specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a type of anti-oxidants. They have been proven to be quite effective in fighting and curing the growth of cancer in the human body. They carefully kill the cancer spreading tissues, while protecting the healthy ones from any kind of harm. Moreover, green tea reduces the level of cholesterol in our body and cleans our blood, so that the clots, sometimes formed in the blood vessels, are dissolved allowing the blood to flow easily. The formation of clots in the veins is one of the most popular reasons why people suffer from strokes and heart attacks.

For many years, scientists had been interested in finding about the secret behind the health of French people, despite their high intake of fatty food. It was then discovered that the red wine they used to consume, contained an ingredient known as resveratrol, a substance for minimizing the effects of smoking, as well as the fat intake. It was later discovered that the ingredients in green tea were twice as strong as the resveratrol. Thus, it is one of the reasons why Japanese people are successfully living a longer life, despite a large number of smokers among them.


Green tea, thus, provides an effective method to fight against various diseases. The leaves of black tea are basically fermented leaves which convert EGCG to other elements in the fermentation process, diminishing the effectiveness of the useful compounds. While green tea processing avoids the whole fermentation process to preserve its natural compounds and benefits.


Some interesting facts and benefits of green tea are outlined below.  There is, however, much debate on these points. Still, most people do agree upon the vast benefits of green tea including the fact that many harmful diseases can be prevented with the consumption of green tea.


  1. Weight loss: green tea is quite effective for regulating the metabolic rate of your body. It has been proven that a substance found in green tea, polyphenol, increases the fat oxidants of our body, preventing the assimilation and accumulation of fats in the body.
  2. Diabetic patients: the steady metabolism rate of the body speeds up the process of burning fats. Moreover, green tea also helps in maintaining a steady blood glucose level. .
  3. Heart problems: the scientists believe that green tea effectively reduces the buildup of clots in the veins and blood vessels, making the flow of blood smooth. Green tea successfully removes blood clots in the vessels, which is one of the main reasons why people suffer from heart attacks, as the flow of blood is hindered by these clots.
  4. Esophageal cancer: green tea can reduce the occurrence of esophageal cancer. By the intake of green tea, the cancer cells are killed, while the normal, healthy cells are retained in the blood.
  5. Cholesterol Check: the herbs in green tea minimize the bad cholesterol level in our blood and also help to regain the balance of good cholesterol.
  6. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: green tea is an element that vitalizes the brain, preventing the brain cells from being damaged or slowing down their function.
  7. Decaying of teeth: catechin is an ingredient found in the green tea, useful for killing bacteria and preventing infections harmful for the throat, teeth or gums.
  8. Flow of blood pressure: green tea also regulates the flow of blood pressure and reduces its constant fluctuations.
  9. Depression: the leaves of green tea contain amino acids called theanine. These amino acids produce a soothing and relaxing effect, for the human mind, invigorating you.
  10. Anti-viral properties: green tea contains agents that are quite effective for treating different kinds of viral diseases, be it normal flu or a more serious kind of ailment, like cancer. Green tea might not completely eliminate flu, but it surely does diminish the intensity of its occurrence.
  11. Skincare: green tea can be very helpful for an aging skin because it keeps the skin from being wrinkled. It is also effective as a cure for skin that has been burnt by the sun. The components of green tea are quite useful in protecting the skin against damage from the sun’s heat, marks, scars and other such kinds of damages.

Consumption of Green tea

There is much debate on the amount of green tea that is to be consumed everyday in order to acquire the benefits of green tea. But, researchers and scientists suggest that just one cup of green tea everyday will not create much of an impact to benefit the human body. To actually obtain the benefits of green tea, a minimum of three to five cups should be consumed every day. It is also known that green tea should be a part of the normal routine, so as to acquire all of its benefits. Having it once a week or irregularly will not be as effective as one would expect.

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